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Construction Litigation Services

Bringing Over 40 Years of Experience in the following Construction Repair and Restoration Services:

Building Envelope & Façade Repair     
      Balcony Repair                                                                                    
      Caulking & Sealants                                                                             
      Coatings & Membrane                                                                          
      Expansion joints                                                                                    
      Flashing Repair & Replacements​         
      Masonry Restoration
      Precast Panel Repair & Replacement
      Wall Stabilization
      Window / Door Repair & Replacement

Concrete Restoration
      Concrete Repair / Maintenance
      Epoxy Coatings & Injection
      Expansion Joints
      Penetrating Sealers
      Pressure Washing
      Routing & Sealing
      Shot Blasting

Building Component Solutions
      Air & Vapor Barriers
      Barrier Cables
      Curtain Walls
    •  Doors
      Parking Structures
    •  Plaza Decks
      Sliding Glass Doors

    •  Expert witness testimony for construction defect cases
      Detailed cost estimates and repair scope verification
      Expert assistance to attorneys during arbitrations, depositions and mediations
      Expert assistance to engineers during destructive testing
      Complete construction management and remediation consulting
      Building envelope assessment & budgeting

Masonry Restoration
      Brick, Block & Stone
      Coating & Paint Removal
      Façade Cleaning
      Grout Injection
      Lintels & Shelf Angles
    •  Parapet Walls
      Seismic Anchor Installation
    •  Stucco Repair
    •  Surface Cleaning
    •  Thru Wall Flashing
    •  Unit Masonry Repair
    •  Wall Stabilization

      Below Grade Systems
      Crack Sealing & Repair
      Drainage Systems
      Protective Sealers & Coatings
      Waterproofing Systems
      Traffic Coatings (Vehicular & Pedestrian)